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Competition Technique Program

This program is designed for our competitive dancers.  Our philosophy is to teach students “how to dance,” not just “teach them dances.” We repeatedly advise that learning good dance technique is essential to a student’s success, and that while taking classes that focus on choreography is fun; taking only those types of classes does not necessarily make a student a skilled dancer. Therefore we offer this program for our competitive students who want to study dance on a more serious level.  Classes such as these will ensure a dancer’s longevity, prevent injuries, build strength and flexibility and refine movement quality. All of which provide technically skilled dancers with the ability to dance using correct body placement and alignment and beautiful lines.

Any dancer in the Competitive Technique Program may take any Fundamentals classes in addition to the technique classes.  Technique classes are offered in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Hip-Hop, Pointe, Leaps and Turns and Acro.  Hip-Hop, Tap and Pointe classes may or may not be recital classes based on enrollment.  One of the ballet classes offered per week in each age group will be a recital class based on enrollment.


Please contact us for our Competitive Technique Schedule

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